A Boy Called Christmas (2021) Review | Netflix

A Boy Called Christmas (2021) Review | Netflix

About A Boy Called Christmas Movie

A Boy Called Christmas is a film made in the United Kingdom and France, which was released on November 24, 2021. Filming took place in Finland. The film, which is a Netflix original production, is 1 hour and 46 minutes long. It is included in the category of Adventure, Drama and Family Film.

Matt Haig’s 2015 film, inspired by the book of the same name, is in the director’s chair
Gil Kenan (screenplay by), Gil Kenan (screenplay by), Matt Haig wrote the screenplay while sitting down. The cast includes such names as Henry Lawfull, Toby Jones, Sally Hawkins, Kristen Wiig, Michiel Huisman, Zoe Colletti.

The film has had an average score of 7.4 on IMDB so far.

A Boy Called Christmas Synopsis

Nicolas, a small 11-year-old boy, sets out to search for his father, who is going on an expedition to find the legendary village of Elfhem of the elves. On this adventurous journey with a reindeer named Blitzen and his pet mouse, Nicolas finds himself in unexpected situations.

An ordinary boy named Nikolas embarks on an unusual adventure to the snow-covered north in search of his father, who is on a journey to find the legendary village of the elves, the Land of the Elves. A headstrong deer named Blitzen and his loyal pet mouse also accompany him on this adventure. In this magical, funny and sincere story, which proves that nothing is impossible, it will not take long for Nikolas to meet his fate.

A Boy Called Christmas Cast and Stars

  • Henry Lawfull as Nikolas
  • Jim Broadbent as Father Vodell
  • Zoe Colletti as The Truth Pixie
  • Sally Hawkins as Mother Something
  • Michiel Huisman as Joel
  • Toby Jones as Father Topo
  • Maggie Smith as Aunt Ruth
  • Rune Temte as Anders
  • Indica Watson as Little Noosh
  • Kristen Wiig as Aunt Carlotta
  • Stephen Merchant as Miika the Mouse (voice)
  • Rishi Kuppa as Little Kip
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A Boy Called Christmas Official Trailer

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