A Castle for Christmas Movie (2021) Review | Netflix

A Castle for Christmas Movie (2021) Review | Netflix

About A Castle for Christmas Movie

A Castle for Christmas is a US and UK co-production film released on 26 November 2021. The film, which is a Netflix original production, was shot in Scotland. It is set in the genre of Comedy, Adventure and Family.

the film, which consists of 1 hour and 38 minutes, was directed by Mary Lambert and written by Kim Beyer-Johnson, Ally Carter, Neal H. He has penned such names as Dobrofsky. The cast includes Brooke Shields, Cary Elwes, Lee Ross, Vanessa Grasse.

You can watch the movie on Netflix from November 26, 2021.

About A Castle for Christmas Movie Synopsis

An American writer tries to buy a castle in Scotland from a grumpy duke who is not willing to sell his castle to him. However, they both encounter situations they never expected.

The author, whose books are bestsellers, goes to Scotland to escape from a scandal and enjoys the castle here very much. However, he never gets along with a grumpy duke who owns the Castle.

A Castle for Christmas Cast and Stars

  • Cary Elwes as Myles
  • Brooke Shields as Sophie Brown
  • Vanessa Grasse as Lexi
  • Suanne Braun as Mrs. D
  • Lee Ross as Thomas
  • Andi Osho as Maisie.
  • Mark Fleischmann as Frank Deluca
  • Eilidh Loan as Rhona
  • Stephen Oswald as Angus

A Castle for Christmas Official Trailer

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