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A World Without movie

About A World Without Movie

A World Without is an Indonesian film that began release on October 14, 2021. The cast of this Netflix original movie includes Amanda Rawles, Maizura, Asmara Abigail, Jerome Kurnia and Chicco Jerikho.

It is set in the genre of drama, mystery, science fiction and thriller. The film was directed by Nia Di Nata and written by Nia Di Nata and Lucky Kuswandi. The film, which consists of 1 hour and 47 minutes, has received 6.4 votes on IMDB so far.

You can watch the movie on Netflix starting October 14, 2021.

A World Without Movie Storyline

Three young girls, looking for happiness, decide to join a secret society. Romantic relationships are prohibited in this community, which is led by a charismatic leader.

Founded by power couple Ali and Sofia Khan, The Light is an educational center that claims to be a self-improvement organization focused on helping young people take responsibility for their lives for a brighter future. But when the three best friends join this organization, they soon realize that the Dark shadows are hiding behind the Light, and they need to find a way to escape.

A World Without Cast and Stars

The character of Salina is played by Amanda Rawles, whom we know from productions such as Gossip Girl Indonesia, Love Is A Story and Ranah 3 Warna. The character of Tara is given life by Asmara Abigail, whom we know from productions such as Jarak & Waktu, Love for Sale and Jarak & Waktu.

  • Amanda Rawles – Salina
  • Maizura – Ulfah
  • Asmara Abigail – Tara
  • Jerome Kurnia – Hafiz
  • Chicco Jerikho – Ali Khan
  • Ayushita Nugraha – Sofia
  • Dira Sugandi – Nanik
  • Richard Kyle – Aditya

A World Without Official Trailer

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