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Acapulco TV Series (2021) | Apple Tv+



Acapulco TV Series

About Acapulco Tv Series

The Acapulco TV Series is an original series of Apple Tv+ that started airing on October 8, 2021.
Designed by Jason Shuman and Austin Winsberg, the series is directed by Jay Karas, Tristram Shapeero, and Roberto Schneider.

The first season of the series consists of 10 episodes Julian Sedgwick, Rossana De León, Lobo Elías are among the names such as. The series is set in the Comedy genre. This series has also received a rating of 6.6 so far on IMDB.Filming for the US-produced series is taking place in Mexico.

Acapulco Tv Series Stroyline

Instead of buying expensive gifts this year, Maximo will prefer to give a speech in which he will tell his nephew about the difficulties he has experienced until he comes to this day. And the remaining episodes of the series are mostly continued with the help of flashbacks. As today’s Maximo drags us into our childhood memories of the 1980s, it falls to us to be a partner in a fun story.

Maximo, who says that he has been living with his mother and sister since he was a little boy, says that he is trying to earn money by reading on the one hand. Although the possibilities seem to be wide due to the fact that the region is touristically unlimited, he continues his life with small-scale jobs. However, Maximo has an ambitious goal, such as working at the resort town of Las Colinas, which his mother advertises as “full of sins”, and then becoming the owner of the enterprise.

Acapulco Tv Series Cast and Stars

Looking at the leading roles of the series, Julian Sedgwick,We can see such names as Rossana De León, Ricardo Cañamar and Sofia Ruiz.

  • Enrique Arrizon – Child Maximo
  • Eugenio Derbez – Maximo
  • Raphael Alejandro – Hugo
  • Fernando Carsa – Memo
  • Damián Alcázar – Don Pablo
  • Camila Perez – Julia
  • Chord Overstreet – Chad
  • Jessica Collins – Diane

Acapulco Tv Series Official Trailer

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