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Always Jane

About Always Jane

The series Always Jane is a Documentary series that will be released on November 12, 2021. It is an original production of Amazon Prime. Its first season consists of 4 episodes. The series, in which Jane Noury and her family portray themselves, deals with the intimate and vulnerable life of a teenager who is preparing to leave home for college.

This documentary was directed by Jonathan C. It’s Hyde. The screenplay was written by Kaitlin McLaughlin. Among its producers are Katherine LeBlond, James Haygood, Jon Dec C. It features such names as Hyde, Michael Raimondi. We will share the IMDB details of the film with you when it arrives.

Always Jane Storyline

In this remarkable production of Amazon, a family’s unconditional love, methods of dealing with big problems, their acceptance of the power of change with the kindness they have, and Jane’s effort to overcome all obstacles to lead a realistic life are reflected on the screens.

Jane Noury, who lives in rural New Jersey, like every teenager, is forced to balance her friends, family and school. The current political and social atmosphere may not be very pleasant for a trans person who is at the age of growth, but it is certain that Jane will be more attracted to the family she has. Always Jane, in which we will take a look at the daily lives of the Noury family, which is an extraordinary one with their strange sense of humor, reveals the story of a trans person whose life is full of challenges.

Always Jane Cast and Details

The series stars Jane’s parents in the lead roles. We can see names like Emma Noury, Mae Noury, Gabriel Golam, Jane Noury, David Noury, Laura Noury.

Always Jane Official Trailer

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