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About Birth of a Beauty Kdrama Series

Birth of a Beauty is a Korean series from 2014. The series premiered on November 1, 2014 and was directed by Lee Cahnag Min and Park Sun Ho, and written by Yoon Young Mi.

Joo Sang-wook, Han Ye-seoul, Jung Gyu-woon, Wang Ji-hye and Ha Jae-sook are the cast of the series, which is broadcast by SBS and has a total of 21 episodes. The series, which is in the romantic and comedy category, consists of 60-minute episodes.

The series, which averages 7.5 points on Mydramalist, an Asian drama portal, will be available again on Netflix starting in 2021.

Birth of a Beauty Kdrama Plot

A divorced woman undergoes a complete transformation with the help of a wealthy stranger to exact revenge on her ex-husband after an accident that almost killed her.

Han Tae-Hee is the heir to a large company. He suffers from broken heart syndrome due to psychological shocks. He’s going to tell the story of Sa Geum Ran transforming a woman who’s unattractive and overweight into a beautiful Sara by Ha Tae Hee to get back the woman she loves, and ha tae-hee falling in love with Sara during the transformation process.

Birth of a Beauty Cast and Stars

The series stars Joo Sang-wook as Han Tae-hee, while Sara/Sa Geum-ran/Kim Duk-sun is played by Han Ye-seoul. Let’s look at the entire cast of the drama;

  • Joo Sang-wook – Han Tae-hee
  • Han Ye-seul – Sara/Sa Geum-ran/Kim Duk-sun
  • Jung Gyu-woon – Lee Kang-joon
  • Wang Ji-hye – Gyo Chae-yeon
  • Ha Jae-sook – Sa Geum-ran
  • Han Sang-jin – Han Min-hyeok
  • In Gyo-jin – Gyo Ji-hoon
  • Han Jin-hee – Lee Jung-sik
  • Kim Young-ae – Go Soon-dong
  • Kang Kyung-heon – Lee Jin-young
  • Jin Ye-sol – Lee Min-young
  • Kwon Hwa-woon – Team leader Choi

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