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Christmas Flow (2021) Tv Series



Christmas Flow

About Christmas Flow

The Christmas Flow series is a French television series that premiered on November 17, 2021. It is a Netflix original production and was filmed in the French language. The cast of the series includes such actors as Shirine Boutella, Camille Lou, Aloïse Sauvage.

The first season of the series, created by the likes of Henri Debeurme, Marianne Levy and Victor Rodenbach, currently consists of 3 episodes. He takes part in the Romantic Comedy and musical genre. You can watch the series on Netflix from November 17, 2021.

Christmas Flow Storyline

A possible Christmas romance blossoms between a famous rapper and a decadent journalist. But can they do business despite their differences?

Christmas Flow follows an encounter between a journalist with a strong dec and a rapper with a strong language. Initially, everything goes against them, but still the magic of Christmas will necessarily work. When a rapper and a journalist who are opposite each other come together, the magic of Christmas works dec.

Christmas Flow Cast and Stars

  • Shirine Boutella as Lila
  • Camille Lou as Mel
  • Aloïse Sauvage assez Jeanne
  • Tayc as Marcus
  • Marion Séclin as Alice
  • Estelle Meyer as Safia
  • Walid Ben Mabrouk as Zak
  • Sadek as Verno
  • Agnès Boulard as Brune

Official Trailer

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