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Colin in Black & White

About Colin in Black & White

Colin in Black & White Tv Series is a series that began airing on October 29, 2021. The series stars Colin Kaepernick, Jaden Michael, Mary-Louise Parker, Nick Offerman, and Mace Coronel.

The first season of the series, created by the likes of Ava Duvernay and Colin Kaepernick, consists of 6 episodes. the series, which is included in the biography, drama and sports category, is Netflix original content. The series has received 4.4 points as a result of 1200 people’s votes so far on IMDB. You can watch the series on Netflix from October 29, 2021.

Colin in Black & White Storyline

Colin Kaepernick, in this drama series that he is the narrator of, conveys the years of transformation that he has achieved great goals while grappling with racial, class and cultural obstacles. Eighth-grader Colin, inspired by his idol in basketball, amazes his family and coaches with his individual identity and hip-hop culture.

Colin, who dreams of becoming a quarterback on the varsity team while still in high school, learns the hard way that he needs more than talent to succeed on the field. Colin, who goes to baseball tournaments with his family, experiences a series of events that change his views on his place in the world. Colin receives offers from college baseball teams in his first year of high school, and his relatives advise him to accept them. However, he sees his future in American football.

Colin in Black & White Cast

Colin Kaepernick – Narrator
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Mary-Louise Parker – Teresa Kaepernick
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Mace Coronel – Jake
Amarr – Eddie
Klarke Pipkin – Crystal
Ron Rogge – Basketball coach
Jacob Buster – Jordan
Doug Long – Ump
Kai Parham – Senior

Colin in Black & White Official Trailer

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