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Confessions of an Invisible Girl Movie | Netflix



Confessions of an Invisible Girl

About Confessions of an Invisible Girl

It is a Netflix Original film that began airing on September 22, 2021. This Brazilian film is set in the comedy and drama genre. Bruno Garotti, Flávia Lins e Silva, Cristiana Oliveira, Thalita Rebouças wrote the script for the film, which was directed by Bruno Garotti.

We can see the names of Marcus Bessa, Caio Cabral, Klara Castanho in the elenco team of the film released by Netflix. IMDb Movie by has received a score of 5.5 as a result of 220 people’s votes so far. The original title of the film is Confissões de uma Garota Excluída.

Confessions of an Invisible Girl Storyline

A young girl who has established various relationships with her environment in the first days of school cannot find what she hopes for. He has a funny personality compared to others, a ridiculous external appearance. The head of the “others” team, which I have mentioned, is Valentina, the popular socialite daughter of the school. In addition to turning Tete into a toy, he throws the young girl from there to there. However, Tete’s struggle will only begin, she will be ambitious and show change…

Confessions of an Invisible Girl Cast and Stars

When we look at the leading roles of the film, the character of Tetê is played by Klara Castanho, and the character of Valentina is played by Júlia Gomes.

The entire cast of the film in the lead roles is as follows;

  • Klara Castanho – Tete
  • Júlia Gomes – Valentina
  • Fernanda Concon – Lais
  • Gabriel Lima – Davi
  • Júlia Rabello
  • Lucca Picon
  • Caio Cabral

Confessions of an Invisible Girl Official Trailer

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