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Dance of the 41

About Dance of the 41 Movie

Dance of the 41 is a Mexican film, released on June 29, 2020. It was directed by David Palbos and written by Monika Revilla. The film’s cast includes Alfonso Herrera, Mabel Cadena, Emiliano Zurita, Fernando Becerril and Paulina Álvarez Muñoz.The film has an IMDB rating of 7.6 in the biography, drama and history genre. The film, originally titled El baile de los, will be available on Netflix from May 12, 2021.

Dance of the 41 Movie Synopsis

A scandal breaks out when a gay surrogate who marries the daughter of a Mexican president does not stop drinking with men. Adapted from a true story. 19. at the end of the century, Ignacio de la Torre married the daughter of Mexican President Porfirio Díaz. Ignacio leads a double life: he rises in the world of traditional politics, even though he is a member of a secret society.

Dance of the 41 Movie Cast and Characters

The film stars Ignacio de la Torre y Mier as Alfonso Herrera, while Amada Díaz as Mabel Cadena. If we look at other players;

Alfonso Herrera – Ignacio de la Torre y Mier
Mabel Cadena – Amada Díaz
Emiliano Zurita – Evaristo Rivas
Fernando Becerril – Porfirio Díaz
Paulina Álvarez Muñoz – Luz Díaz
Rodrigo Virago – Felix Díaz
Fernanda Echevarría – Carmen Romero Rubio
Sergio Solís – Rafael
Álvaro Guerrero – Felipe
Roberto Duarte – Gabriel
Abraham Juárez – Mesero
Carolina Politi – Elena
Paulina Álvarez Muñoz – Luz Díaz

Dance of the 41 Official Trailer

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