Dayi: Bir Adamin Hikayesi (2021) Review

Dayi: Bir Adamin Hikayesi (2021) Review

About Dayi: Bir Adamin Hikayesi Movie

Dayi: Bir Adamin Hikayesi is a Turkish film that was first released on December 10, 2021. It will begin streaming in UK cinemas from 24 December 2021. It was filmed in Turkish. the film, which is 2 hours and 5 minutes long, is set in the Action genre.

The film was directed by Ugur Bayraktar and the screenplay was written by Ugur Bayraktar. If we look at the main roles of the film; Gizem Karaca, Ufuk Bayraktar, Turgut Tunçalp, Banu Fotocan, Ahmet Varli, Cem Kurtoglu, Umit Çirak, Murat Akkoyunlu, Fulya Ülvan, Timur Ölkebas, Recep Çavdar, Efe Cevahir Bayraktar, Beste Bereket, Kadir Toprak Karaman, we can see names such as.

The film received a rating of 5.7 based on reviews on IMDB.

Dayi: Bir Adamin Hikayesi Synopsis

It tells the life story of a beloved bully. As a child, a brave and merciful man who has settled into a sense of justice, tired of his mischief, is sent from the village to Istanbul to work by his family. The guy starts working alongside his fellow coffee-making peasants, Saifi. As a result of the events that he experienced during this process, the guy enters the family of bullies and after a while rises to the top in this world.

Dayi: Bir Adamin Hikayesi Cast and Stars

  • Ufuk Bayraktar – Cevahir
  • Gizem Karaca – Hatice
  • Ahmet Varlı – Sabahattin
  • Turgut Tunçalp – Seyfi
  • Beste Bereket – Kevser
  • Ümit Çırak – Baltalı Ahmet
  • Timur Ölkebaş – Kara Cemal
  • Murat Akkoyunlu – Hilmi
  • Cem Kurtoğlu – Hakim
  • Banu Fotocan
  • Recep Çavdar     
  • Efe Cevahir Bayraktar      
  • Fulya Ülvan        
  • Kadir Toprak Karaman

Dayi: Bir Adamin Hikayesi Official Trailer

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