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Doom at Your Service

About Doom at Your Service Drama Series

Doom at Your Service is a South Korean television series that began airing on May 10, 2021. It was directed by Kwon Young-il and written by Im Meari. 1.The series, which consists of 16 episodes, is in the Science Fiction category. the cast of the series, broadcast by tvN, includes Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk, Lee Soo-hyuk and Kang Tae-oh.

Doom at Your Service Drama

The series revolves around a woman (Park Bo-Young) who risks her life to change her fate with a man (Seo In-Guk) known by the name ‘destruction’, who causes everything she touches to disappear.Dong Kyung has been working hard since his parents died. After 6 years as a web novel Editor, his life seems to be stagnating, but one day he is diagnosed with brain cancer.

He blames his unlucky life and wants to curse the disappearance of everything, which he unwittingly wants Myul Mang, a messenger between humans and the gods, to appear. He says he can grant his wishes. As his last hope, he makes a contract with Myul Mang to live as he pleases for a hundred days and risks everything.

Doom at Your Service Cast and Characters

Park Bo-Young portrays the character Tak Dong-Kyung, who works as an editor at a web novel publishing company, in the series.

Seo In-Guk portrays the character Myul-Mang, an intermediary with the afterlife in the series.

Lee Soo-Hyuk portrays the character Cha Joo-Ik, a colleague of Tak Dong-Kyung (Park Bo-Young) in the series.

Kang Tae-Oh portrays the character of Lee Hyun-Kyu, who runs a cafe in the series.

Shin Do-Hyun portrays the character Na Ji-Na, a web novelist, in the series.

Doom at Your Service Official Trailer

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