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Ferry Movie (2021) Cast and Details | Netflix



Ferry Movie

About Ferry Movie

Ferry movie is a Netflix Belgium and Dutch co-production that begins streaming on May 14, 2021.Cecilia Verheyden directed the film, which is set in the action, drama and crime genre, while Nico Moolenaar and Bart Uytdenhouwen wrote the screenplay.We can see names like Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Huub Stapel, Monic Hendrickx and Raymond Thiry in the film’s cast. You can watch the 106-minute film on Netflix.The Film has a 7.4 rating on IMDB so far.

Ferry Movie Synopsis

Returning to his hometown for a revenge plan before building his drug empire, Ferry Bouman is tested by a decision that forces his loyalty and a love that changes his life. The film, adapted from the series” Undercover, ” stars Ferry and Danielle’s youth as Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap. A ruthless Ferry Bouman is sent to his hometown of Brabant by his boss Brink to avenge the attack on their gang. When she meets the beautiful Danielle and their old family feud resurfaces, Brabant begins to pierce her steel armor.

Ferry Movie Cast and Characters

Frank Lammers, who we know from productions such as Undercover and Nieuw Zeer, plays the character of Ferry Bouman, while Elise Schaap plays the character of Daniëlle van Marken. If we look at all the actors of the film;

Frank Lammers
Elise Schaap
Huub Stapel
Monic Hendrickx
Raymond Thiry
Maarten Heijmans
Yannick van de Velde

Ferry Movie Official Trailer

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