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Get The Grift Movie Cast and Summary

About Get the Grift Movie

Get the Grift is the original Netflix movie that started airing on April 28, 2021. The director of the Brazilian film was Pedro Antônio Paes and the screenplay was written by Fil Braz.

The length of this comedy and crime movie is 1 hour 34 minutes. The film’s cast includes names such as Marcus Majella, Samantha Schmütz, Caito Mainier, Pedroca Monteiro.The IMDB score of the film is 4.5 for now.

Get the Grift Movie Summary

After his fraud attempt fails, Clóvis runs into his half-sister Lohane, whom he has not met for years. The two, who are in trouble, decide to cooperate. After a failed swindle, Clóvis runs into his estranged half-sister Lohane. They soon realize that the only way out is to get together.

Get the Grift Movie Cast and Characters

The film’s cast includes Zeca Carvalho, who starred in productions such as Detetives do Prédio Azul and Entre o lápis e o papel, and Thelmo Fernandes, whom we know from productions such as A Divisão and Coisa Mais Linda.If we look at the full cast;

  • Marcus Majella
  • Samantha Schmütz
  • Caito Mainier
  • Pedroca Monteiro
  • Thelmo Fernandes
  • Zeca Carvalho
  • Pablo Sanabio
  • Luan Caruzo

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