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Glória Tv Series (2021) Review | Netflix



Glória Tv Series

About Glória Tv Series

Glória Tv Series is a Portuguese drama series that premiered on 5 November 2021. It is set in the genre of crime, drama and thriller. This mini-series series with Netflix original content consists of 10 episodes in total.

The series was directed by Tiago Guedes and written by Pedro Lopes. The series stars Miguel Nunes, Matt Rippy, Stephanie Vogt, Afonso Pimentel, and Jimmy Taenaka. You can watch the series on Netflix starting from November 5, 2021.

We will share the IMDB details with you as soon as it arrives.

Glória Tv Series Storyline

in 1968, a small Portuguese town is filled with spies, lies and secrets when a privileged engineer working at Radio Free Europe gets involved in Cold War intrigues.

A Small Village in Ribatejo has become an unexpected Cold War stage, where American and Soviet forces are fighting dangerous sabotage maneuvers to take control of Europe. In the center of this story, João Vidal, a young man from a family with connections to the Portuguese Fascist Regime, is recruited by the KGB after being politicized in the Colonial War. João will find himself inside the complex networks of the espionage game and will eventually understand that no matter which side he is on, the world, especially the world of espionage, is never in black and white.

Glória Tv Series Cast and Stars

  • Miguel Nunes – João Vidal E.g.
  • Matt Rippy – James Wilson
  • Stephanie Vogt – Anne O’Brien Wilson
  • Afonso Pimentel – Goncalo1
  • Jimmy Taenaka – Bill
  • João Arrais
  • Albano Jerónimo – DASSAEV
  • Rafael Morais – Domingos
  • Stewart Alexander – Ambassador Ryan Marshal
  • Jim Sturgeon – Ronald Parker
  • Ivo Canelas – Ministro da Defesa
  • Laura Frederico – Nurse
  • Adriano Carvalho
  • Soren Hellerup – Adam

Glória Tv Series Official Trailer

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