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Harrow Tv Series

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Harrow Tv Series

About Harrow Tv Series

The Harrow Tv Series started broadcasting on ABC channel in 2018. Featuring names like Ioan Gruffudd, Mirrah Foulkes, Remy Hii, Anna Lise Phillips, Darren Gilshenan, and Damien Garvey, this series was designed by tephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath. This series, which consists of 3 seasons in total, draws attention with its 7.6 score from IMDB.

Harrow Tv Series Summary

The crime drama-genre series features a pathologist Dr. Based on the character of Daniel Harrow. Ioan Gruffudd will appear as a forensic pathologist, just like in Forever: Dr. Daniel Harrow. An intelligent, unorthodox forensic pathologist and who knows a killer? In total disregard for authority, the forensic pathologist Dr. It tells the story of Daniel Harrow. He has an unfailing empathy for the dead, which helps him solve even the strangest cases. Willing to bend every rule, determined to give a voice to the victims and explain the truth behind what happened to them. Meanwhile, a terrible secret from his past threatens him, his family and his career.

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Harrow Tv Series Cast

The leading role of the series is Ioan Gruffudd, whom we know from productions such as Forever and unREAL.We will also be watching Mirrah Foulkes, who we know from the productions The Gift, The Principal and The Crown, and is also a director in this series.

Ioan Gruffudd – Dr. Daniel Harrow,
Mirrah Foulkes – Sergeant Soroya Dass,
Remy Hii – Simon Van Reyk,
Anna Lise Phillips – Stephanie Tolson,
Darren Gilshenan – Lyle Fairley,
Damien Garvey – Bryan Nichols,
Ella Newton – Fern Harrow,
Hunter Page-Lochard – Callan Prowd,
Robyn Malcolm – Maxine Pavich,
Tony Barry – Jack Twine,
Jolene Anderson – Dr. Grace Molyneux

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