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Haunted Tv Series



Haunted Tv Series

About Haunted Tv Series

The Haunted Tv series is a Netflix series that first began airing on October 19, 2018. The cast of the series, which tells a different horror story in each episode, includes such names as Vanda Chaloupková, Hana Baronová, Vojtech Hýzdal, Janek Gregor. With Jan Pavlacky sitting in the director’s chair, the series has an IMDB rating of 4.6. 3 of the Haunted Tv series.the season is streaming on Netflix from May 14, 2021.

Haunted Tv Series Synopsis

Real people share terrible stories that have gone through their heads in the past with their friends and family, and these stories are recreated with creepy animations. A deadly mansion. An eerie melody. An evil cat. As real people continue to describe the terrible events they have experienced, terrible facts are revealed.

Haunted Series Cast Characters

The series stars Vanda Chaloupková as Haiden, while Hana Baronová as Haiden’s Mother. If we look at all the other players;

Vanda Chaloupková-Haiden
Hana Baronová-Haiden’s Mother
Vojtech Hýzdal-Haiden’s Father
Janek Gregor-Tommy
Jan Papírník – Austin
Natálie Onderková-Holly
Johana Vánová – Goth Girl
Alexander Becka-Skater
Jakub Gelnar – Rough Guy
David Navrátil – Rough Guy
Oskar Hes – Teenage James

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