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Healthy life, healthy breath – Health News


Requirements for Healthy Breath and Healthy Life

healthy, COPD, a common, preventable and treatable lung disease characterized by persistent respiratory complaints and difficulty in breathing, affects one in 10 of the adult population in the world. In a statement made by the Turkish THORACIC Society regarding COPD, which is one of the three most common causes of death worldwide, today, in addition to tobacco use, fossil fuels (wood, coal, oil, gas) and biomass (plant stems, manure, etc.) It was emphasized that exposure to smoke and air pollution are also important risk factors.

It is stated that retardation of lung development before and after birth due to malnutrition, infections and/or passive exposure to indoor and outdoor pollutants can also lead to COPD. Recognition and prevention of pre-COPD conditions, early diagnosis of patients and appropriate treatment approaches are important. The most common complaints in COPD are; cough, sputum, shortness of breath and, in some cases, a feeling of fatigue. The patient’s complaints increase with the progression of the disease, negatively affecting the person’s quality of life. The diagnosis of COPD can be made easily with the “breath measurement test”, which is a simple painless test in health institutions. Confirmation of the diagnosis depends on identifying the obstruction causing the reduction in airflow using pulmonary function tests.

Avoid tobacco for healthy breathing

While it was emphasized that people diagnosed with COPD should stop using tobacco and tobacco products, stay away from harmful dust and gas-containing environments, air pollution, eat healthy and do daily exercise, it was emphasized that they should be vaccinated against influenza and pneumonia and not interrupting their drug treatments.

For the lungs….

To keep the lungs healthy and to breathe healthy;

– Do not use tobacco and tobacco products.

– Keep the ambient air you breathe clean.

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– Eat a regular and balanced diet.

– Exercise regularly.

– Put on your mask.

– Get your vaccine suitable for your age group.

Take the cough seriously

Stating that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can be confused with asthma and that the progression of COPD can be slowed down with early diagnosis and appropriate treatments, Anadolu Medical Center Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Esra Sönmez warned that “COPD should be suspected if a person who experiences cough, sputum production in the morning, gradual increase in shortness of breath, decrease in effort capacity compared to their peers, also carries risk factors”.

Underlining that complaints such as coughing, sputum production and shortness of breath are perceived as innocent changes due to smoking, it is late in the diagnosis of the disease. Sönmez said, “When COPD is not treated, it progresses slowly and manifests itself with exacerbations in moderate and advanced stages. These exacerbations are often the reason why the patient goes to the doctor. Most patients who deteriorate rapidly are either hospitalized or require intensive care. By means of imaging methods such as pulmonary function tests and chest X-ray, the severity and stage of the disease should be determined, and the most appropriate treatment and follow-up plan should be prepared. Dr. Sönmez underlined that if the patient is diagnosed for the first time and the patient is at an early stage, the first priority is to quit smoking.

Covid is heavy

Dr. Sönmez said, “In Kovid-19 studies, the presence of COPD was shown to be an important risk factor for a more severe and more deadly course of Kovid-19 infection. In studies, mortality rates in COPD patients over 45 years of age who smoked were proportional to the severity of COPD. percent around 55-60. COPD patients also need to pay attention to the basic elements, “he said.

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We are above the world average

Pointing out that the incidence of COPD is 11.7% on average in the world over the age of 40, while it is 19.1% in Turkey, Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Erkan Ceylan said, “Today, COPD, which has become the third cause of death in the world, is responsible for 5.5 percent of all deaths. It is the third most common cause of death among respiratory system diseases in Turkey and 61.5 percent of these deaths are due to COPD.

Stating that COPD is a progressive lung disease caused by non-microbial inflammation in the airways, Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Erkan Ceylan said, “The most important reason is cigarette addiction. Other causes are occupational deformation (such as mining and metalworking, transportation industry, wood and paper manufacturing, cement, grain and textile work), genetic diseases and air pollution. Ceylan said that COPD often does not show symptoms until permanent lung damage occurs at a certain level.

smoking effect

Underlining that COPD occurs around the age of 40 after smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for about 20 years, Prof. Dr. Ceylan gave information about the relationship of the disease with cancer and other diseases and listed his suggestions for protection as follows; “Prevention and cessation of tobacco use, prevention of indoor and outdoor air pollution, prevention of occupational exposure, regular physical activity (at least 5 days a week at moderate intensity) my love hours), regular doctor control, balanced-regular diet, regular flu and pneumonia vaccinations, individual hygiene as well as staying away from sick people.”

Describing the symptoms of COPD, Ceylan said: “Difficulty of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, cough-sputum, frequent respiratory tract infections, weight loss in the future, swelling in the ankles, bruising.”

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