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I Am All Girls Movie Cast, Details | Netflix

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I Am All Girls Movie

About I Am All Girls Movie

The film on behalf of all the girls is a Netflix original film that was released on May 14, 2021. This South African film tells the story of a relentless detective. Donovan Marsh sat in the director’s chair and Wayne Fitzjohn, Marcell Greeff, Emile Leuvennink, Donovan Marsh and Jarrod De Jong wrote the film’s screenplay.

In the film’s cast, which is involved in the crime, drama and mystery genre, we can see names such as Deon Lotz, Erica Wessels, Masasa Mbangeni. The duration of the film is 1 hour and 47 minutes.

I Am All Girls Movie Synopsis

Police officer Jodie Snyman is on the hunt for a criminal organization that has kidnapped young girls from all over the world. In this challenging mission, Jodie forms an unexpected bond with serial killer Thamsanqa, who targets the leaders of the criminal organization. Will Jodie, who has a common denominator with the killer, be able to crack down on the global sex trafficking network?

I Am All Girls Movie Cast and Stars

Erica Wessels portrays Detective Jodie in the lead role of the film,while Thamsanqa portrays the South African actress Masasa Mbangeni, who we know from productions such as Legacy and Harvest.

  • Deon Lotz / FJ Nolte
  • Erica Wessels / Jodie Snyman
  • Masasa Mbangeni / Thamsanqa
  • Israel Matseke-Zulu / Pimp (as Israel Makoe)
  • Brendon Daniels / Investigating Officer Samuel Arendse
  • Hlubi Mboya / Ntombizonke Bapai
  • Mothusi Magano / Captain George Mululeki
  • Matt Stern / Salim Khan’s Lawyer
  • Lizz Meiring / Gert’s Girlfriend
  • Ben Kruger / Oupa Carel Duvenhage
  • Mampho Brescia / Brother Boss Girl

I Am All Girls Movie Official Trailer

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