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About Je Suis Karl Movie

Je Suis Karl Movie is a drama, thriller and romance film co-produced by Germany and Czech Republic. This Netflix original video was released on September 23, 2021. the 66-minute film features the cast of Luna Wedler, Jannis Niewöhner, Milan Peschel, Elizaveta Maximova and Marlon Boess.
The film was directed by Christian Schwochow and written by Thomas Wendrich. The film has an IMDB rating of 5.4.

Je Suis Karl Movie Synopsis

A young woman who lost almost all her family members in a bomb attack is tricked into joining the group that killed them.

A strong young woman, Maxi and her father Alex, after surviving a terrorist attack in Germany, try to give their lives a new direction. Maxi’s life takes a completely different turn when she meets Karl, an intelligent student. Thanks to Karl, who notices the anger in the young girl and believes that she has the answers he is looking for, Maxi joins an ever-growing youth movement.

Je Suis Karl Cast and Stars

Looking at the main characters of the film, Maxi Baier is played by Luna Wedler, while Jannis Niewöhner, whom we know from productions such as The Collini Case and Beat, brings to life the character of Karl.
If we look at the entire cast of the film, then;

  • Luna Wedler – Maxi
  • Jannis Niewöhner – Karl
  • Milan Peschel – Alex Baier
  • Elizaveta Maximova – Isabel
  • Marlon Boess – Pankraz
  • Veronika Bellova – Emotions in Audience
  • Aziz Dyab – Yusuf
  • Daniela Hirsh – Guilia
  • Melanie Fouche – Ines Baier
  • Hendrik Voss – Eric

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