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Jewel Movie, Cast, Synopsis, Review | Netflix


About Jewel Movie

The Jewel Movie is a South African film released on July 8, 2022. Netflix is the original production. This film, which is in the drama genre, consists of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Shot in English.

The film was directed by Adze Ugah and written by Glenrose Ndlovu, Adze Ugah. If we look at the cast; Michelle Botes, Connie Chiume, Chris Djuma, Desmond Dube, Lillian Dube, Nqobile Khumalo, Cindy Mahlangu, Sandile Mahlangu, Senzo Radebe, Robert Whitehead.

We will share the IMDB details with you when you arrive. You can watch the movie on Netflix from July 8, 2022.

Jewel Movie Synopsis

Jewel tells the dramatic story of a photographer who tries to meet the cultural roots in South Africa, unexpectedly falls in love, causes some controversy and drama, and adopts local traditions.

Jewel Movie Cast and Stars

  • Michelle Botes
  • Connie Chiume
  • Chris Djuma
  • Desmond Dube
  • Lillian Dube
  • Nqobile Khumalo As Siya
  • Cindy Mahlangu
  • Sandile Mahlangu
  • Senzo Radebe
  • Robert Whitehead

Jewel Movie Review

Jewel tells the dramatic story of a photographer who tries to meet the cultural roots in South Africa, himself uneraJewel Film Review
This was a really good film that surprised us with its context, its format and the way it managed to connect history. We have not remained untouched and would definitely recommend it.

The story flow is convincing and the senography can only be described as beautiful – we are almost teleported into the beauty of South Africa.

Fascinating in more ways than one. The landscape is impressive, and the main and secondary characters are interesting.

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This film is very versatile because it gives us a believable human story with a great background.waiting in love, causing some controversy and drama and adopting local traditions.

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