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Just Beyond Tv Series (2021) | Disney+



Just Beyond Tv Series

About Just Beyond Tv Series

The series Just Beyond is a US television series that began airing on October 13, 2021. The series, released by Disney+, consists of 8 episodes in total. the cast of this series dec which includes 8 different stories, includes names such as Cyrus Arnold, Malcolm Barrett, Gabriel Bateman and Mckenna Grace.

Created by Seth Grahame-Smith, this series is set in the genre of Comedy, Fantasy and Horror. The series was filmed in Atlanta, USA.

Just Beyond Storyline

The anthology series takes a step into 8 different stories with the return of its formation and takes the theme of Halloween behind it and tackles horror elements such as extraterrestrial, paranormal, aliens, robots, ghosts. However, there is a situation like this. He drags the extraterrestrials I mentioned into the middle of different children. For example, in the first episode, we see 14-year-old Veronica, who came across us, being forcibly dragged by family members to a school that she didn’t want.

Parents who claim that their daughters are not as cheerful as they used to be and are constantly misbehaving drag their children -knowingly or unknowingly-to some kind of “robot-turned-human” school. Accompanied by a strict, disciplined headmistress, the children turn into fictional robots, while the creator has subtext that makes Veronica and the families think.

Just Beyond Storyline Cast and Stars

The series stars Cyrus Arnold as Trevor, and Malcolm Barrett as Andy. Judging by the entire cast of the series;

  • Gabriel Bateman – Jack
  • Mckenna Grace – Veronica
  • Cyrus Arnold – Trevor
  • Malcolm Barrett – Andy
  • Rachel Marsh – Fiona
  • Megan Stott – Olivia
  • Izabela Vidovic – Lily
  • Christine Adams – Jenny
  • Arjun Athalye – Ronald

Just Beyond Official Trailer

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