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La Llorona Movie Synopsis,Cast, Review

La Llorona Movie Synopsis,Cast, Review, Stars, Characters and Details, IMDB Point



La Llorona Movie

About La Llorona Movie Synopsis,Cast, Review

La Llorona is a Guatemalan movie that will be delivered in 2020, with a screenplay composed by Lisandro Sanchez and Jayro Bustamante in the chief’s seat. The film’s cast incorporates numerous popular names, for example, María Mercedes Coroy, Sabrina De La Hoz, Margarita Kenéfic, Julio Diaz, María Telón and Juan Pablo Olyslager.The type of the film is in the classes of Drama, Horror and Crime.

La Llorona Movie Summary

Alma and her youngsters are executed during a firearm fight in Guatemala. Following thirty years, resigned General Enrique, who was answerable for the slaughter, is sued. Angry dissenters start to attack the overall’s home. Yet, when Enrique is absolved, Alma’s soul makes a move to vindicate what occurred. In the interim, individuals working with the family begin to pursue away from home what occurred. Upon the present circumstance, another servant is taken to the house. As the servant gets back home, unexplained occasions start to happen in the house.

Cast and Characters

  • María Mercedes Coroy – Alma
  • Sabrina De La Hoz – Natalia
  • Margarita Kenéfic – Carmen
  • Julio Diaz – Enrique Monteverde
  • María Telón – Valeriana
  • Juan Pablo Olyslager – Letona
  • Ayla-Elea Hurtado – Sara

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