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Love Hard Movie (2021) Review | Netflix



Love Hard Movie

About Love Hard Movie

Love Hard is a Romantic Comedy film that began to be released on November 5, 2021. This production, which is a US movie, is Netflix original content. The film was shot in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

The film was directed by Hernan Jimenez and written by Daniel Mackey and Rebecca Ewing. The film stars Nina Dobrev, Lochlyn Munro and Rebecca Staab. You can watch the movie on Netflix from November 5, 2021.

We will share the IMDB details of the film with you when it arrives.

Love Hard Movie Storyline

Natalie, a young woman living in Los Angeles, does not laugh out of love. But one day when he matches up with Tag, a dreamy guy in an app, he thinks things are starting to improve. Wanting to surprise the man she is in love with, Natalie goes to visit him in the resort district. However, a bad surprise awaits him. The man she thinks she’s in love with is a shameless con artist who pretends to be someone else on the internet.

Love Hard Movie Cast and Stars

Nina Dobrev as Natalie Bauer
Jimmy O. Yang as Josh Lin
Darren Barnet as Tag
Harry Shum Jr. as Owen Lin
James Saito as Bob Lin
Mikaela Hoover as Chelsea
Heather McMahan as Kerry
Lochlyn Munro as Rex
Rebecca Staab as Barb Lin
Takayo Fischer as June Lin

Love Hard Movie Official Trailer

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