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About Meeting Point Movie

Meeting Point is a Turkish film released on October 17, 2021. The film, which is set in the drama genre, was directed by Umut Evirgen and the screenplay was written by him again.

The cast of the 1 hour 30 minute film includes such names as Melisa Senolsun, Levent Üzümcü, Akim Bilgin, Bora Akkas, Alican Yücesoy. Turkish October 17, 2021, you can watch the movie on Netflix.The film currently has an IMDB rating of 4.8.

Meeting Point Storyline

Moreover, the Grape Grower is not the only one who feels incompatible, excluded, lonely. In another entertainment venue located next to the tavern, Melisa Senolsun is included in the stream with her stillness and images of relief. A young girl who is still in her 20s is as depressed as a grape and offers the impression that she is a person of another world. As it is, it is also an inevitable fact that two individuals meet eye to eye while taking air outside.

They enter Istanbul nights without having a dialogue, without asking each other’s names, jumping on an ordinary motor. After a long journey, from parties of hundreds of people to a boat in the middle of the sea, from light environments that disturb the eyes, to hidden forests where only black is obvious, they find a cure for their loneliness, outliers, incompatibility of the world with each other.

Meeting Point Cast and Stars

  • Levent Üzümcü
  • Melisa Şenolsun
  • Belçim Bilgin
  • Bora Akkaş
  • İrem Sak
  • Necip Memili
  • Alican Yücesoy
  • Müge Bayramoğlu
  • Esra Ruşan
  • Celil Nalçakan
  • Gürberk Polat

Meeting Point Trailer

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