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Milestone Movie (2021) | Indian Movies

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Milestone Movie

About Milestone Movie

Milestone movie is an Indian film that will be released from Netflix starting May 7, 2021. This drama movie was first shown at the Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2020.The original title of the movie is Meel Patthar.

The film was directed by Ivan Ayr, while the screenplay was written by Ivan Ayr and Neel Mani Kant. When we look at the cast, the duration of the film, which includes names such as Suvinder Vicky and Lakshvir Saran, is 1 hour 38 minutes. The IMDB score of this Indian film is 5.7 with 41 votes.

Milestone Movie Summary

An experienced trucker who has covered over 500,000 kilometers on the road is asked to train a young driver. However, under the influence of his tragedy, this will not be easy. Experienced driver Ghalib’s truck suddenly had a backache as it hit the 500,000 kilometer mark, a record for his company. As Ghalib grapples with this pain, an existential threat overwhelms him when asked to train a young new driver.

Milestone Movie Cast and Characters

When we look at the casting team for this highly anticipated film, we see actors like Suvinder Vicky, Lakshvir Saran, and Mohinder Gujral. If we look at the cast of my production;

  • Suvinder Vicky – Ghalib
  • Lakshvir Saran – Pash
  • Mohinder Gujral
  • Gurinder Makna
  • Daljeet Singh
  • Akhilesh Kumar
  • Gaurika Bhatt
  • Arun Aseng

Milestone Movie Official Trailer

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