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Mukou no Hate -2021 | Cast, Synopsis | Japanese Series



Mukou no Hate Series

About Mukou no Hate Japanese Tv Series

The mukou No Hate series is a Japanese television series. 1 of the series, which aired from 14 May 2021.the season consists of a total of 8 episodes. The series, published by Wowow, was directed by Eiji Uchida and written by Shin Takeda. The cast of the series, which is in the category of drama, crime and mystery, includes such names as Matsumoto Marika, Matsushita Kouhei, Kakizawa Hayato.

Mukou no Hate Synopsis

A case of arson murder occurs in an apartment in Tokyo, set in 1985. The victim is novelist Kohei Kimizuka. Ritsuko Ikematsu was soon arrested for his death. He was childhood friends of Ritsuko Ikematsu and Kohei Kimizuka. Prosecutor Tsutaguchi takes charge of the murder case. Ritsuko begins to contact people who know Ikematsu. Prosecutor Tsutaguchi learns of his unfortunate life and the men around him. The male impressions of Ritsuko Ikematsu are completely different. Prosecutor Tsutaguchi later learns of a case that occurred in 1955 in Tsugaru, Aomori province, where Ritusko Ikematsu and Kohei Kimizuka grew up. He believes the case is the key to solving Kohei Kimizuka’s murder.

Mukou no Hate Cast and Characteres, Stars

The cast of the series portrays the character of Ikematsu Ritsuko as Matsumoto Marika, who we know from productions such as Youkai Sharehouse and Sensei Wo Kesu Houteishiki. Kimitsuka Kohei portrays the character Matsushita Kouhei, who we know from productions such as home Not Alone, Scarlet.

  • Matsumoto Marika / Ikematsu Ritsuko
  • Matsushita Kouhei / Kimitsuka Kohei
  • Kakizawa Hayato /Tsutaguchi Ryosuke
  • Kaji Masaki / Murakami Himemasa
  • Shibukawa Kiyohiko / Yamanouchi Ippei
  • Toyomoto Akinaga / Kyonami Hisao
  • Uno Shohei / Yakushima Michio
  • Tatsumi Takuro / Kida Takeshi

Mukou no Hate Official Trailer

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