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Once We Get Married Drama | 2021



Once We Get Married

About Once We Get Married Drama Series

The series Once We Get Married is a Chinese-made series that started airing on October 8, 2021. This series, a Chinese drama, is being broadcast by Tencent Video. In total, it consists of 24 episodes.

The cast of the series includes such names as Uvin Wang, Wang Zi Qi, Ian Yi, Zhong Li Li, Yang Yue and Li Jun Chen. Directed by Li Yao Bo, it is set in the romantic, comedy and life genre.

Once We Get Married Storyline

Fashion buyer Gu Xi Xi Xi bought Alex’s custom-designed wedding dresses for her clients. During a special reception, he met the black-bellied chairman Yin Si Chen, who came to discuss business cooperation with Alex. An incident occurred that led to the fact that for a win-win situation with Alex, the two people temporarily resumed a contractual cooperative relationship. The duo with opposite personalities gradually found love in this contracted marriage.

Once We Get Married Cast and Stars

The series stars Gu Xi Xi as Uvin Wang, and Yin Si Chen as Wang Zi Qi. If we look at the entire cast of the series, then;

  • Uvin Wang – Gu Xi Xi
  • Wang Zi Qi – Yin Si Chen
  • Ian Yi – Mo Zi Xin
  • Zhong Li Li – Ran Xi Wei
  • Yang Yue – Mu Ruo Na
  • Li Jun Chen – Shang Ke
  • Chen Yi Xin – Lin Xiao Ya
  • Ma Chen Yan – Yin Si Chen

Once We Get Married Official Trailer

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