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One the Woman Krama Series (2021)



About One the Woman Krama

One the Woman Krama is a South Korean drama series that premiered on September 17, 2021.The series was directed by Choi Young Hoon and written by Kim Yoon. The series, made by SBS, consists of a total of 16 episodes.

Saturday Friday and Saturday, the series takes place in the genres of Comedy, Romance, Drama, Mystery. The series has an average score of 8.5 as a result of about 2,000 people voting on mydramalist.

One the Woman Kdrama Synopsis

In the TV series One the Woman, Jo Yeon-ju (Honey Lee) is the only daughter of a prosecutor and gangster gang leader Seopyeong Nammun. He gets into a mysterious car accident while chasing a suspect who looks exactly like him. Jo Yeon-ju (Honey Lee), whose life suddenly becomes strange when she wakes up from a coma, changes places with Kang Mi-Na (Honey Lee), the daughter of the chaebol family, who is in the top 20 of the business world.

Kang Mi-Na (Honey Lee) is the daughter-in-law of BK Group, one of the leading groups in Korea, after a marriage she did not want. Han Seung Woo (Lee Sang Yoon) is the son of the chaebol family, who still has pure feelings for his first love. Although he left Korea after seeing the true face of money and power while dealing with the struggle for inheritance, he returns to find the truth behind his father’s dishonorable death. In the process, he meets his first love again and fights for his right.

One the Woman Kdrama Cast and Stars

When we look at the main characters of the series, we can see names such as Park Jeong Hwa and Jo Dal Hwan. Based on the full cast;

  • Park Jeong Hwa / Park So Yi
  • Jo Dal Hwan / Choi Dae Chi
  • Kim Young Hoon / Han Seung Hoon
  • Kim Do Yeon / Kang Mi Na
  • Jeon Gook Hwan / Han Young Seok
  • Na Young Hee / Seo Young Won
  • Kim Won Hae / Ryu Seung Deok
  • Hwang Young Hee / Kang Eun Hwa
  • Jo Yun Hee / Kim Chan Wan
  • Ye Soo Jung / Kimm Kyung Shin
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