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Open Your Eyes Tv Series



Open Your Eyes Tv Series

About Open Your Eyes Tv Series

The open Your Eyes series is a Netflix original content set in the drama, thriller and mystery genre that will be released on August 25, 2021. The first season of this series, which is a Polish production, consists of a total of 10 episodes. Anna Jadowska and Adrian Panek sat in the director’s chair, while Kasper Bajon, Igor Brejdygant, Milena Dutkowska penned the script.

Polish August 25, the original title of this series Otwórz oczy ‘ s Netflix‘den watch.

Open Your Eyes Plot

A teenage girl who has lost her memory after a tragic accident tries to rebuild her life at a memory loss clinic. But his unusual treatment raises doubts about him.

When Julia finds herself in a memory loss treatment center following a horrific accident that killed her family, she begins to bond with other patients who have experienced oddly similar traumas. At the center, he meets Adam, a mysterious boy who guides him. When he begins to have strange dreams and visions that seem very realistic, he begins to question whether this place is really what it promised. Julia fights to escape the institution in an effort to discover the truth: this world is not what it seems.

Open Your Eyes Stars and Cast

Looking at the lead roles of the series, Maria Wawreniuk portrays the character of Julka, while Ignacy Liss portrays the character of Adam. If we look at all the players in the series;

  • Maria Wawreniuk – Julka
  • Ignacy Liss – Adam
  • Michał Sikorski –
  • Wojciech Dolatowski –
  • Klaudia Koścista –
  • Zuzanna Galewicz –
  • Marta Nieradkiewicz –
  • Sara Celler Jezierska
  • Pola Król –
  • Marcin Czarnik –
  • Martyna Nowakowska –

Open Your Eyes Official Trailer

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