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Prisoners of the Ghostland Movie (2021)



Prisoners of the Ghostland is a film in the Science Fiction, Action and Horror genre. September January 31, 2021 The film was released at the film festival and was released all over the world starting from September 17, 2021.

The cast includes Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Maya Carraz, Bill Moseley, Nick Cassavetes and Tak Sakaguchi, while Sion Sono is in the director’s chair and Aaron Hendry and Reza Sixo Safai have written the screenplay.

The film also has an average rating of 4.4 points with a rating of about 4 thousand people on IMDB.

Prisoners of the Ghostland Movie Synopsis

It tells the story of a criminal who tries to save a girl who mysteriously disappeared. Hero, a notorious criminal, is tasked with rescuing a girl who has been kidnapped into a supernatural universe tuesday Going after the girl, the Hero embarks on a difficult struggle with the dark forces for this.

It takes place in the dangerous border city of Samurai Town, where a ruthless bank robber is released from prison by the wealthy warlord Governor, from whom his adopted granddaughter Bernice has disappeared. The governor offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for taking back the fugitive. The bandit, wearing a leather suit that will self-destruct in three days, embarks on a journey to find the young woman and her own way of salvation.

Prisoners of the Ghostland Movie Cast and Stars

When we look at the main characters of the film, Nicolas Cage is played by the character Hero, whom we know from productions such as Primal and Kill Chain, while Sofia Boutella, whose character Bernice we know from productions such as SAS: Rogue Heroes and Modern Love, is played by it’s invigorating.

  • Nicolas Cage – Hero
  • Sofia Boutella – Bernice
  • Maya Carraz – Young Bernice
  • Bill Moseley – The Governor
  • Nick Cassavetes – Psycho
  • Tak Sakaguchi – Yasujiro
  • Charles Glover – Enoch
  • Young Dais – Ratman
  • Cici Zhou – Chimera
  • Louis Kurihara – Curi
  • Tetsu Watanabe – Nabe
  • Takato Yonemoto – Sheriff Takato
  • Hiroshi Kaname – Gumball Boy
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