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Red Dot Movie (2021)



Red Dot Movie

About, Subject and Actors of Red Dot Movie

This film, which will be delivered in February 2021, is the first Netflix creation. This movie, coordinated by Alain Darborg, is a Swedish creation. While Alain Darborg and Per Dickson composed the screenplay for the Red Dot film, numerous well known names, for example, Nanna Blondell, Anastasios Soulis, Thomas Hanzon, Johannes Kuhnke and Tomas Bergström are the main jobs of the film. The span of the film is 85 minutes.

In the event that we go to the subject of the Red Dot film;

A youthful couple who is sitting tight for their first kid and need to add energy to their marriage goes on a ski trip. Yet, they unexpectedly wind up at the objective of savage killers. At the point when Nadja gets pregnant, they attempt to revive their relationship by heading out toward the north of Sweden on a climbing trip, however their heartfelt outing before long transforms into a bad dream. At the point when a red laser dab shows up in Nadja and David’s tent, the once heartfelt excursion transforms into a fight for their lives. During this perverted chase, the couple’s previous causes issues down the road for them.

Red Dot Movie Cast

  • Johannes Kuhnke – Einar
  • Nanna Blondell – Nadja
  • Anastasios Soulis – David
  • Kalled Mustonen – Jarmo
  • Thomas Hanzon – Rolle
  • Anna Azcárate – Mona
  • Tomas Bergström – Rolle
  • Melvin Solin – Olof
  • Johan Hedman – Police Officer
  • Per Mårthans – Principal

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