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Red Rocket Movie (2021) Cast, Review, Synopsis

Red Rocket Movie
Red Rocket Movie

About Red Rocket Movie

The Red Rocket Movie is a U.S. film that was released on December 10, 2021. Filming took place in Los Angeles. The film, which is 2 hours and 8 minutes long, is set in the comedy and drama genre. The film tells the story of a porn star while Sean Baker is sitting in the director’s chair, and the script was written by names such as Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch.

If we look at the cast of the film, we can see names such as Simon Rex, Bree Elrod, Suzanna Son. The film received a rating of 7.6 based on reviews on IMDB.

The film, which has been screened at many festivals before, will be released in the United States starting from December 10, 2021.

Red Rocket Movie Synopsis

Mikey Saber, who lives in Los Angeles, is a former porn star. Now Mikey, who wants to start a new life for himself, decides to return to his native Texas. But his return to the town where he lives in Texas causes a reaction from the residents of the region, because no one wants him to return.

Red Rocket Movie Cast and Stars

  • Simon Rex as Mikey Saber
  • Bree Elrod as Lexi, Mikey’s estranged wife
  • Suzanna Son as Strawberry, Mikey’s girlfriend
  • Brenda Deiss as Lil, Lexi’s mother
  • Judy Hill as Leondria, a local drug supplier
  • Marlon Lambert as Ernesto, Leondria’s son and Mikey’s former classmate
  • Brittany Rodriguez as June, Leondria’s enforcer
  • Ethan Darbone as Lonnie, Lexi’s neighbor
  • Shih-Ching Tsou as Ms Phan, Strawberry’s boss
  • Parker Bigham as Nash, Strawberry’s ex-boyfriend
  • Brandy Kirl as Nash’s mom
  • Dustin “Hitman” Hart as Nash’s dad
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