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River Where the Moon Rises

About River Where the Moon Rises

The show River Where the Moon Rises was made in South Korea and circulated on February 15, 2021. Han Ji-Hoon composed the screenplay for this show with Yun Sang-Ho in the chief’s seat. This arrangement, every scene comprising of 60 minutes, will be communicated on KBS2 channel. The show’s given incorporates entertainers such a role as Kim So-Hyun, Ji Soo and Lee Ji.

River Where the Moon Rises Summary

It happens in the Goguryeo time frame. Princess Pyeonggang, otherwise called Yeom Ga-Jin (Kim So-Hyun), is a man who fantasies about turning into the principal lady to control Goguryeo. He utilizes On Dal (Ji Soo) who has affections for him to accomplish his objective. He is simply stunned by the sentiments he has towards him. On Dal has enthusiastic affections for Yeom Ga-Jin (Kim So-Hyun). He acts contrary to his standards to secure him.

He is an unadulterated and serene individual. Go Gun, a world class general of Goguryeo, needs to arrive at a lady’s heart without precedent for his life and takes on in a terrific conflict for Yeom Ga-Jin (Kim So-Hyun). On Hyeob, father of On Dal (Ji Soo), is the top of the Sunnobu clan and general of Goguryeo.

River Where the Moon Rises Cast

In the series, Kim So-hyun, One Way Trip, Cheer Up! We know from productions such as Pure Love, A Happy Woman, Who Are You: School 2015. and actors like Ji Soo, whom we know from productions like Doctors.

  • Ji Soo – On Dal
    Lee Ji-Hoon – Go Gun
    Kang Ha-Neul – On Hyeob
    Choi Yu-Hwa- Hae Mo-Yong
    Kim Pub-Lae – Kral Pyeongwon
    Lee Hae-Young – Go Won-Pyo
    Cha Kwang-Soo – Jin Pil
    Kim Jung-Young – Gong Son
    Son Woo-Hyuk – Tae Gam
    Ahn Shin-Woo – Kim Pyung-Ji
    Wang Bit-Na – Jin Bi
    Ki Eun-Se – Hyun Bi
    Ryoo Ui-Hyun – Tara San
    Kim Hee-Jung – Tara Jin
    Hwang Young-Hee – Madam Sa

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