Still Out of My League (2021) Cast, Review | Netflix

Still Out of My League (2021) Cast, Review | Netflix

About Still Out of My League Movie

Still Out of My League is an Italian film, released on 10 December 2021. The film was first released in Italy on 16 September 2021 and was originally titled Ancora più bello. The film, which is 1 Hour and 40 minutes long, is set in the Comedy, Drama and Romantic genres.

The film is directed by Claudio Norza and written by Roberto Proia and Michela Straniero. The film stars Giancarlo Commare, Giovanni Bissaca, Giuseppe Futia, Giuseppe Gjura, Franca Pellecchia, Lorenzo Rapazzini, Giorgio Lupano, Gaja Masciale, Jenny De Nucci, Giancarlo Commare, Giancarlo Francesconi, and Giuseppe Futia.

The film has an average score of 5.0 as a result of the votes cast so far on IMDB. You can watch the movie on Netflix starting December 10, 2021.

Still Out of My League Summary

Marta and Arturo broke up. March and Arturo broke up. March is now in a relationship with Gabrielle, but she makes a big mistake out of pure jealousy. Although everything seems to be going wrong, an unexpected news arrives: there is a compatible donor for Marta.

Dec Decadal, twelve months have passed, and the Marrta between Marta and Arturo is over. It seems that everything is going wrong when suddenly a call comes from the hospital: a compatible donor has been found for Marta.

Still Out of My League Cast and Stars

Ludovica Francesconi as Marta
Giancarlo Commare as Gabriele
Jozef Gjura as Jacopo
Gaja Masciale as Federica
Riccardo Niceforo as Rocco
Jenny De Nucci as Rebecca
Giuseppe Futia as Thomas
Diego Giangrasso as Diego

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Still Out of My League Official Trailer

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