The Alpinist Movie – Documentary (2021) | Netflix

The Alpinist Movie – Documentary (2021) | Netflix

About The Alpinist Movie

The Alpinist is a documentary film that was released in the United States on September 10, 2021. This US-made documentary tells the story of a mountaineer who climbs mountains alone. The film will start streaming via Netflix from December 2, 2021.

Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen are the directors of this documentary. It is being produced by Red Bull Media. The cast of the film, which is 1 hour and 32 minutes long, includes Marc-André Declerc, Brette Harrington and Peter Mortimer.

The film has received a remarkable rating of 7.9 on IMDB so far.

The Alpinist Movie Storyline

While the sport of climbing has evolved from a niche endeavor to a mainstream media event, APR Marc-André Leclerc is far from the center of attention, he is climbing alone.
Intrigued by these quiet successes, filmmaker Peter Mortimer (The Wall of Dawn) set out to make a film about Marc-André. But the Canadian soloist is a difficult subject to understand: she is nomadic and shy of publicity, has no phone or car, and is reluctant to let the film crew participate in her pure climbing vision.

As Peter tries to keep up, Marc-Andrés’s climbs get bigger and more daring. Elite climbers admire his achievements, while others are worried that he is taking too many risks. Then Marc-André embarks on a historical adventure that will redefine what is possible in solo climbing in Patagonia.

The Alpinist Cast and Stars

  • Marc-André Leclerc
  • Brette Harrington
  • Peter Mortimer
  • Will Gadd
  • Alex Honnold
  • Michelle Kuipers as Self – Marc’s Mom
  • Reinhold Messner as Self – Alpinist
  • Austin Siadak as Self
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