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The Kings Affection Tv Series (2021)



The Kings Affection Tv Series

About The Kings Affection Tv Series

The Kings Affection is a Korean television series that began airing on October 11, 2021. The cast includes Park Eun-Bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-Soo, Lee Pil-Mo, Jung Chae-Yeon, Bae Soo-Bin and Choi Byung-Chan.

The series was directed by Song Hyun Wook and written by Han Hee Jung.The series is broadcast by KBS2 and has an average rating of 9.0 on Mydramalist. This series, which is set in the drama, romantic genre, consists of a total of 20 episodes.

The Kings Affection Tv Series Storyline

it revolves around twin brothers born in the palace. The wife of the crown prince give birth to twins. However, the twins are seen as a sign of bad luck, and it is decided that the girl from the twin brothers will be killed. His mother secretly sent him out of the palace to save her child’s life. After a while, Lee Hwi, the male of the twins, dies due to an illness. His mother hides this death and raises her twin daughter, replacing Lee Hwi. Lee Hwi eventually becomes the crown prince.

Lee Hwi, who succeeded his deceased brother, is talented in Literature and martial arts. She never reveals her true feelings because of the secret she keeps, and puts a great distance between herself and everyone who tries to get close to her, including the dec of the palace.

The Kings Affection Tv Series Stars and Cast

The series stars Lee Hwi as Park Eun-Bin giving life to his character, and Jung Ji-Woon as Rowoon giving life to his character.

  • Park Eun-Bin – Lee Hwi
  • Rowoon – Jung Ji-Woon
  • Nam Yoon-Soo – Lee Hyun
  • Lee Pil-Mo – Ye Jong
  • Jung Chae-Yeon – Noh Ha-Kyung
  • Bae Soo-Bin – Jeong Seok Jo
  • Choi Byung-Chan – Kim Ga-On
  • Bae Yoon-Kyoung – Shin So-On
  • Kim Taek – Won San Gun
  • Kim In Kwon – Yang Moon Soo
  • Choi Myung Bin – Lee Hwi Genç
  • Kim Seo Ha – Chang Woon Gun
  • Lee Il Hwa – Kraliçe Dae Wang
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The Kings Affection Tv Series Official Trailer

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