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The Scary House Movie

About The Scary House Movie

The Scary House movie is a film in the family, horror and fantasy category that first began release at the Slash Film Festival on September 26, 2020. It was directed by Daniel Prochaska and written by Marcel Kawentel and Timo Lombeck. The cast of the Netflix Austrian film includes León Orlandianyi, Benno Roßkopf, Julia Koschitz, Marii weichsler. The film, which is 1 hour and 40 minutes long and originally called Das schaurige Haus, can be viewed on Netflix from May 14, 2021. The Film has received a 7.4 rating so far on IMDB.

The Scary House Synopsis

Two brothers, who have moved from the big city to a remote town with their mother, try to solve a dangerous mystery haunting their home with their new friends. Hedrik, who lives in the city with his 16-year-old family, is devastated when he finds out that he and his mother Sabine and brother Eddi are moving to a remote town. Trying to get used to his new life, Hedrik faces strange situations some time after settling into their house. Those who live in the rough tell them that the house is haunted. Hendrik, along with his new friends, embarks on a difficult struggle to uncover the mystery of the House.

The Scary House Cast and Characters

The film stars Julia Koschitz as Sabine, and Marii weichsler as Ida. If you look at the full cast of the movie;

  • León Orlandianyi – Hendrik
  • Benno Roßkopf – Eddi
  • Finn Reiter – Roland
  • Florian Troebinger – Martin Polzmann
  • Lisa Stern – Amalia Polzmann
  • Christina Cervenka – Haushälterin
  • Julia Koschitz – Sabine
  • Marii Weichsler – Ida
  • Lars Bitterlich – Fritz
  • Michael Pink – Gerold Röck
  • Inge Maux – Frau Seelos
  • Markus Stubeier – Armin Felsberger
  • Luca Streussnig – Chris
  • Elfriede Schüsseleder – Die Alte

The Scary House Movie Official Trailer

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