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The Stronghold Movie (2021) | Netflix



About The Stronghold Movie

The Stronghold Movie is a French-made crime and thriller film. This film, which was released on September 17, 2021, was directed by Cedric Jimenez and written by Audrey Diwan and Cedric Jimenez.

the cast of the 105-minute-long film includes actors such as Gilles Lellouche, François Civil, Karim Leklou, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Kenza Fortas. Another name of the film is known as BAC Nord, while the film has also received a rating of 7.5 on IMDB so far. The Stronghold Movie began streaming on Netflix on September 17, 2021.

The Stronghold Movie Synopsis

Tired of dealing with ordinary criminals, three Marseille policemen get a chance to crack down on a huge drug network. The huge demand of an important informant forces them to cross borders.

The year is 2012. The northern regions of Marseille have a sad track record: the region with the highest crime rate in France. BAC Nord, a field team guided by its hierarchy, constantly strives to improve its results. In a high-risk sector, policemen adapt their methods, sometimes crossing the yellow line. Until the justice system turns against them.

The Stronghold Movie Cast and Stars

When we look at the main characters of the film, Greg Cerva gives life to the character of Gilles Lellouche, and Antoine gives life to the character of François Civil. If we look at all the other players;

  • Gilles Lellouche – Greg Cerva
  • François Civil – Antoine
  • Karim Leklou – Yass
  • Adèle Exarchopoulos – Nora
  • Kenza Fortas – Amel
  • Cyril Lecomte – Jérôme
  • Michaël Abiteboul – Jacques
  • Idir Azougli – Kevin
  • Vincent Darmuzey – Stéphane
  • Jean-Yves Berteloot – Yvon
  • Kaïs Amsis – Le gamin voleur
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