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The Time It Takes Tv Series (2021) Review | Netflix



The Time It Takes

About The Time It Takes Tv Series

The Time It Takes is a Spanish television series that premiered on October 29, 2021. This series, which is set in the genre of romance and drama, is the original content of Netflix. The cast of the series includes Nadia de Santiago, Álvaro Cervantes, David Castillo, Mariví Carrillo, Nico Romero and Cala Zavaleta.

Directed by Ines Pintor, Pablo Santidrian and Pablo Fernandez, the series was written by such names as Nadia de Santiago, Pablo Fernandez and Ines Pintor. The original title of the series, which was filmed in Madrid, is known as El tiempo que te doy. We will share with you the details of this production, the first season of which consists of 10 episodes, as soon as it arrives on IMDB.

The Time It Takes Storyline

Lina and Nico, who have been together for many years, end their relationship. However, Lina finds it difficult to make a new life for herself and put Nico out of her mind.

It’s where a girl tries to forget about a romantic mistake from the past. Lina is starting over, moving house, looking for a new job and trying new experiences. But what Lina is really trying to do is forget about a love from the past, her first love. Lina tries to keep the time she spends thinking about Nico every day for a minute less so that she can move on with her life.

The Time It Takes Cast

  • Nadia de Santiago – Lina
  • Álvaro Cervantes – Nico
  • David Castillo
  • Mariví Carrillo
  • Nico Romero
  • Cala Zavaleta
  • Luisa Vides
  • Eloi Costa
  • Violeta Mateos
  • Carla Linares
  • Sergio Pozo
  • Stefy González
  • Prince Ezeanyim
  • Dariam Coco
  • Manuel Canchal
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The Time It Takes Official Trailer

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