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The Voyeurs Film Cast and Details



About The Voyeurs Film

The Voyeurs Film is a US film that will be released by Amazon Prime on September 10, 2021. Michael Mohan sat in the director’s chair of this film, which was shot at Amazon Studios, and he wrote the script himself.

The cast includes Sydney Sweeney, Justice Smith, Ben Hardy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo and Katharine King So. You can watch the 120-minute-long movie from Amazon Prime Video.

The Voyeurs Film Plot

It’s about a young couple who are increasingly becoming more interested in the sex life of their strange neighbors across the street after moving into a beautiful penthouse apartment in downtown Montreal. This interest, which began as an innocent curiosity, gradually turns into an unhealthy obsession when the couple learns that one of the neighbors is cheating on the other. The couple’s seduction and desires make their lives unexpectedly complicated, with fatal consequences. “The Voyeurs,” which breathes new life into the forgotten genre of erotic suspense, asked viewers, “how right is it to watch?”he asks his question.

The Voyeurs Film Cast and Stars

When we look at the lead roles of the film, Sydney Sweeney, who we know from productions such as the White Lotus, Euphoria, plays the character of Pippa, while Ben Hardy, who we know from productions such as the Woman in White, Bohemian Rhapsody and EastEnders, plays the character of Seb.

  • Sydney Sweeney – Pippa
  • Justice Smith – Thomas
  • Ben Hardy – Seb
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo – Julia/Margot
  • Katharine King So – Ari
  • Cameo Adele – Joni
  • Cait Alexander – Sam
  • Alexandra Petrachuk – Alex
  • Daniel Grogan – Eye
  • Caitlyn Sponheimer – Cait

The Voyeurs Film – Amazon

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