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Upcoming Summer Movie

About Upcoming Movie

The Upcoming Summer Movie was first released in China on July 30, 2021. While Leste Chen is sitting in the director’s chair of this Chinese-made film, names such as Yang ShenChen Zhan have written the script of the film. It has started streaming again on Netflix as of October 3, 2021.

The duration of the film, which is set in the drama genre, is 1 Hour and 55 minutes long.The film stars Zifeng Zhang, Lei Wu and Lei Hao. The film also has an average score of 6.9 so far on IMDB. The original name of the film is Sheng xia wei lai and it was shot in Chinese. You can watch this Chinese drama on Netflix from October 3, 2021.

Upcoming Summer Stroyline

Chen Chen, a young girl who decays from there to there between adolescence and youth sequences, is dealing with more serious problems these days than adolescence. He learns that the faithful marriage between his mother and father has decayed, and his mother has stepped into a completely different world, love. It is an inevitable fact that a young girl who spends her days trying to get into the university she desires will fall into a great absence with the painful development that she learns what the concept of loyalty is.

Moreover, after learning about this development, he leaves the university exam without success.

Upcoming Summer Stars and Cast

Chen Chen plays the character of Zifeng Zhang in the lead roles of the film. If we look at all the characters of the film;

  • Zifeng Zhang – Chen Chen
  • Lei Wu – Zheng Yu Xing
  • Feng Zu – Uncle Wang
  • Lei Hao
  • Xiaohai Liu
  • Dan Liu
  • Tie Zhou

Upcoming Summer Official Trailer

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