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Why Are You Like This Tv Series



Why Are You Like This Tv Series

About Why Are You Like This

The TV series Why Are You Like This first started broadcasting in 2018. The series, which featured names such as Mark Samual Bonanno, Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub, was first published by ABC. It started broadcasting on Netflix on April 16, 2021. The IMDB score is 6.3.

Why Are You Like This Synopsis

In the series that tells about the life of young people in their 20s in Melbourne, three close friends explore business life, entertainment, identity politics, relationships and crazy nights. Always one step ahead but always disappointed, Mia struggles to find a job and get stitches. Penny confronts a colleague after embracing Austin’s power pose. Focused on performing the best throughout the day, Penny tempts a client’s employees. Austin spends time with a secret man while Mia deals with the Mooncup problem. Mia searches for a black lover at the club. Seeing a different face of his best friend, Penny struggles to understand brown-specific situations. Austin closes home with sadness.

Tired of social pressure, Austin joins Penny’s joy-driven plan to win a drag contest. Mia wins thanks to her costume fan coworker. During the fast-breaking dinner, Mia is distraught when she sees Penny and her archenemy getting close. A familiar face embarrasses Austin, causing him to splurge. Penny loses herself when a favorite artist is canceled. Mia suggests they go to the spa and pamper themselves. Austin deals with a crucial affogato order.

Why Are You Like This Cast and Characters

  • Naomi Higgins – Penny
  • Olivia Junkeer – Mia
  • Wil King – Austin
  • Lawrence Leung – Daniel
  • Shabana Azeez – Samara
  • Rik Brown – Richard
  • Roz Hammond – Julie
  • Lara Robinson – Maddie
  • Steve Mouzakis – Charles
  • Tharanya Tharan – Nabonita
  • Aadhya Wijegoonawardena- Munia
  • Nicholas Soperlario – Nic
  • Michelle Brasier – Sandi

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