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About Your Sensibility My Destiny Chinese Drama

Your Sensitivity My Destiny is a Chinese-made series consisting of a total of 24 episodes and started airing on September 16, 2021. Yang Shi Ye wrote the script for the series, where Li Yang is sitting in the director’s chair.

When we look at the cast team of the series, we can see such names as Guan Jin, Wang Xing Yue, Zhang Xue Han, Zhan Yu, Nie Zi Hao and Liu Yi Tong. The series,published by iQiyi and included in the category of history, romance and comedy, has a Mydramalist score of 7.9.

Your Sensibility My Destiny Synopsis

A strange jianghu hero meets a lonely lord who has no feelings and feelings. With a commotion, a “sweet” fate begins when he finds the woman who has the ability to make himself felt.

Lin Chi, who disappears again due to a sense of weakness while running away from the people behind him, accidentally gets into Mo Qing Chen’s car. Mo Qing Chen, a man born without any emotions, is given a “key” to perceive the world with a casual touch. The unexpected turn of events marks the beginning of a relationship that begins with a contract and gradually deepens as they grow to become lovers.

Your Sensibility My Destiny Cast and Stars

Looking at the main characters of the series, Mo Qing Chen gives life to Wang Xing Yue, while Lin Chi gives life to this Guan Jin character.

  • Bu Guan Jin – Lin Chi
  • Wang Xing Yue – Mo Qing Chen /Ji Ding Lan
  • Zhang Xue Han – Qiu Wan
  • Zhan Yu – Ji Ding Luan
  • Nie Zi Hao – Ji Ding Yue
  • Liu Yi Tong – Ling Yan
  • Min Ming – Ling Shu
  • Yue Yao Li – Zhuang Chen
  • Liu Luo Xi – Leng Feng
  • Marcus Zhang – Kai Er Bi
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