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About Yumi’s Cells Kdrama Series

Yumi’s Cells Kdrama series is a series in the Romantic, Comedy and Drama genre that started airing on September 17, 2021. This series, which is made in South Korea, consists of a total of 14 episodes. Lee Sang-Yeob is the director of the series published by tvN, while Lee Dong-Gun, Song Jae-Jung, Kim Yoon-Joo and Kim Kyung-Ran have penned the script of the series.

The Kdrama series, which features Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Yoo Bi, Park Ji Hyun, Joo Jong Hyuk and Jung Soon Won on the Cast team, has an average score of 8.1 on Mydramalist, an asian drama portal. The series is known as Yoo Mi’s Cells on some platforms.

Yumi’s Cells Kdrama Synopsis

It revolves around a single ordinary office worker named after him. Also, the series is told from the point of view of many brain cells that control every thought, feeling and action in Yu-Mi’s head.

Yu-Mi, an ordinary office worker who has a hard time expressing her feelings, learns to find happiness with small pleasures in her daily life, as she experiences growth both in her love life and in her career life.

Although Goo Woong has a cold-blooded attitude about everything, he is actually a complete romantic. A romantic relationship develops between Dec and Yu-Mi (Kim Go-Eun).

Yumi’s Cells Kdrama Cast and Stars

As we look at the cast of the series, Kim Yoo Mi gives life to the character of Kim Go Eun, while the character of Ku Woong is played by Ahn Bo Hyun.

  • Kim Go Eun – Kim Yoo Mi
  • Ahn Bo Hyun – Ku Woong
  • Lee Yoo Bi – Ruby
  • Park Ji Hyun – Seo Sae Yi
  • Joo Jong Hyuk – Louis
  • Jung Soon Won – Chief Nam
  • Park Jin Young – Yoo Ba Bi / “Bobby
  • Mi Ram – Aida
  • Lee Jang Won
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